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13/08/08 -- dd/mm/yy


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aberavon beach, port talbot


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8.30 -- hh:mm:ss


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Sighting Details

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Any additional comments :

My girlfriend and I were just taking our dog for a walk, admiring the last bit of the sunset. The clouds were low and it wasn’t a particularly nice night as the weather had been dismal all day. We were both just walking, when we both saw the huge ball shoot past and out to was all in a blink of an eye, bright bright white light. it was like something from a film!...we both saw it, and were both saying 'did you just see that?' was so weird. The 3 fishermen on the beach about 300 yards away did not see it, which freaked us out even more. I guess, it was so fast you could blink and miss it....we then just stopped and looked for anything else in the sky, but nothing. We then walked back up the beach opposite direction towards the houses, when the dog started growling at nothing, and then again in a split second we saw another smaller round bright white ball appear and mega mega quickly move sideways in the sky and then just vanish. My girlfriend screamed, and we were both really shaken up! What we saw was too fast both times to be a plane or jet, and both think the whole thing is just unexplainable. We are glad we both saw the lights as it sounds so unbelievable, but its what we both saw....


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