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I did not actually see a UFO, what happened was: I settle down for bed at approx midnight. It was a warm night in bed so I opened both my bedromm windows fully which are directly above my bed. Then apporxamitley twenty minutes later i was awoken from a half a sleep state to what sounded like a high pitched young child screaming, i then got up and immediatley looked out of my window, the screaming continued until it then got more clear and suddenley sounded like two "things" rather than one. The noise was like nothing i have ever heard before and i find it hard to desribe to you but all i can really think of is relating it to a child. The screaming continued then and then it become slightly more clear as if they were trying to say look up, repeatedly, at this point i was absoultley petrified looking around the street from my window for any sign of anyone, i then looked up into the sky and saw a light that couldnt have been more than 1 foot in diameter, faint and blue. The screaming then stopped and i heard a loud sort of overhead night plane going across. The road then fell to silence and a strong wind picked up resulting in me closing my windows.


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I strongly reccomend you take my sighting seriously as the noise is something i have never ever heard before and cannot relate to anything whatsoever. I have always been stronly against the idea of aliens existing but after my experience i am now adamant that this is what i heard and saw. Many thanks i hope that you will be in touch.


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